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Extract from Post

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Extract from Comment

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Extract from Engagement

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Extract from Groups

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Extract from Fanpage

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It’s so easy to get thousands of emails and
mobile phone numbers within minutes

Facebook Groups are the places for people to share their common interests, express opinion, discuss issues and post relevant content.

Today, you will discover the Cheapest way to get a massive amount of Traffic from Facebook Group Members who are interested in your topic.

GoLinkApps software will take your business to a new level.

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We all know only interest is’nt enough
In fact many fan or group pages that we can’t target
So do you want to break up the limit ?

How To Instant
“Dig Millions of Potential Consumer Data from Facebook”  in Just Minutes and You Can Get Millions of Potential Targeted Buyers from Facebook,

With Just 3 Easy Steps!​

1. Collect A Potential Consumers Database

Collect a Database of the Most Likely Consumers from Groups, Fanpages, and Posts that are related to the product you want to promote or offer.

GoLinkApps Will Automatically Filter the Most Interest People who liked Shared and Commented in those groups, Fanpages, and Posts.

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2. Creating a Custom Facebook Audience

Create a Custom Facebook Audience From Potential Targeted Consumers Database that you have collected Using GoLinkApps. To create a Facebook custom audience, go to the Audiences section of your Facebook Ads Manager. Then click “Create Audience” and select “Custom Audience” from the drop-down menu.

3. Uploading Your Database

Upload a Database from GoLinkApps to create a custom audience, then select the “Customer File” Facebook will match these contacts with Facebook users and create an audience based on those matches.

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Real database

GoLinkAppsce Mines and Collects Valid UIDs, Email Addresses, and Phone Numbers from Facebook into a Database for You to Use.

targeted & accurate

Smart Filter Generates a highly targeted and Accurate Audience Database

spying your competitor's

Spying on Your Competitor's Facebook Ads

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collecting from anywhere

Collecting an Audience Database using information found on Public Groups, Closed Groups, and even Secret Groups


Reach more consumers with look a like feature

refine ad targeting

Refine Your Facebook Audience for Better Ad Targeting

What GoLinkApps Can Do?

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Getting Highly Targeted Leads from Facebook &
Build a Real Audience in any Niche you can imagine!

What Will You Do With
GoLinkApps ?​

Sell your own products or services using FB Ads or Mail Marketing or SMS/Whatsapp Marketing

Make Huge Opt-in subscriber lists in different categories

Promote Affiliate or Dropship products in any niche of business

Forward them to Your own Facebook Groups or any Membership Groups

Brand awareness & brand perception

Send special ads including discounts, coupons, images, headlines, descriptions, call-to-actions, external links & more!

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