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One Click FB Emails Extractor

Golinkapps is the best email extractor for businesses who are willing to expand but are not able to. Shortcomings in sales can be solved by improving email marketing using Golinkapps. This program can help you in generating targeted leads from any Facebook page, event or group.

Extract Emails from Groups, Pages, Events, Friends

Extraction is lightning fast and all the emails will be of your niche, which you can use to generate leads.The email extractor works not only from groups, pages and events, but also, you can extract emails of your facebook friends.

Extract Emails from Facebook

You can also search for groups using keywords. This software can help you create custom audience to run successful ad campaigns golinkapps also provides 20+ unique services as bonus.

Awesome Features

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Extract From Search

Extract From Groups

Extract From Page

Extract From Event

Extract From Post

Extract From Image / Video

How To Use FB's Custom Audiences?

Easily set up your target audiance

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